20130928 NA 口语机经新鲜出炉


20130928 NA 口语机经新鲜出炉


  Somepeople like to work or study in new places. What are the advantages of workingor studying in new places?



  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

  School should ban junk food, such as soda, chips, and candy.



  The university plans to increase summer enrollment. It will shorten the time from 8weeks to four weeks.

  The manthinks it is a great idea. He took the summer class last year and only had oneweek left before the fall semester. He did not feel like there was a break forhim. Also students do not have enough for summer school. Students have to payextra. The proposal will save students’ money.



  It is a process that people obtain information by studying thenature and apply it to create useful products. The professor uses a solar lilypad as an example to illustrate it. Lily pad put its’ root in the river. It haslarge and round leaves floating on the river. Those huge leave can easilycapture the energy from the sun. Some researchers from Scotland used Biomimicryto create solar lily pad to efficiently capture solar power. They fastened theroot of solar lily pad at the bottom of the river and design the large andround leaves for solar lily pad. Those huge leaves capture the solar power andconvert it efficiently into electricity.


  The manmajors in literature and has to go to the computer lab to write papers. But hewill move out of campus, which makes him harder to access the computer lab oncampus. And he does not have money to buy a laptop. There are two possiblesolutions. First, he could work extra hours to earn the money for a laptop. Hissupervisor could let him work extra shift in the library. But he is busy forhis study. Working extra hours will cut him time for study. Second, he couldcancel his vacation and use that money to buy a laptop. He already saved somemoney for a trip to the New York City with his buddy. If he cancels thevacation, he has to stay on campus during the weekend.


  It is alecture in psychology. The professor says that there are two ways when people behaveinappropriately. The first one is excuse. For example, students are late forclass so they use an excuse of alarm clock. They will say that their alarmclocks do not go off. The second one is justification. People’s behavior willbe inappropriate. But under some circumstances, they are appropriate. Forexample, a student missed the class. He explained that there was an importantjob interview at the same time with the class. The student went to thisimportant job interview and that’s the reason why he missed the class.


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