and methods of construction are integral parts of design of

  architecture structures. 就是一个很典型的例子。很显然“建筑”,“建设”这两个词义最重要的。

  construction / k?n?str?k?n; k?nˋstr?kn/ n

  [U] action or manner of constructing; being constructed 建筑,

  建造的活动或方式; 施工; 建设:

  the construction of new roads 新道路的施工

  eg:The new railway is still under construction, ie being

  constructed. 新铁路尚在敷设中.

  eg:The wall is of very solid construction, ie is solidly

  constructed. 这堵墙构筑得非常坚固.

  eg:[attrib 作定语] the construction industry, ie the building of

  roads, bridges, buildings, etc 建筑业.

  [C] thing constructed; structure; building 建造物; 构造物; 建筑物:

  a complex construction of wood and glass 木和玻璃综合结构的建筑物

  eg:The shelter is a brick construction. 掩护所是用砖构筑的.

  [C] way in which words are put together to form a phrase, clause

  or sentence 造句法

  eg:This dictionary gives the meanings of words and also

  illustrates the constructions they can be used in. 本词典提供词义解释,


  [C] (fml 文) sense in which words, statements, etc are to be

  understood; meaning (对词语﹑ 言辞等所作的)解释, 意义, 意思

  eg:What construction do you put on his actions? ie How do you

  understand their purpose? 你对他的行为作何解释?

  eg:The sentence does not bear such a construction, ie cannot be

  understood in that way. 这句话并不含有那样的意思.


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