A test date in late August will replace the test date in late January.

Starting in summer of 2017, the College Board will offer a test in late
August, which will replace the one in late January. The other dates(October,
Noevember, December,March,May, and June)will not change. On their website, the
College Board has released testing dates for the next 3 years, up through the
spring of 2019.previously, they had only released dates one year at a time.

Here is the link(scroll down to see the new testing dates):


The College Board plans to make 3-4 official tests per year available as
pdfs on Khan Academy.

Starting with the May7, 2016 SAT, each year the College Board will make 3-4
official tests freely available as pdfs through Khan academy. These tests will
be available as soon as scores are released. The College Board previously made
test booklets available to students for the old SAT through their Question-and
Answer(QAS) for the October,January, and May tests, but this was an add-on
service that students could purchase. How the release of the redesigned tests
through Khan Academy will impact QAS is unclear. Stay tuned.

Occasionally, a 20 minute variable(experimental) section will be added to
the end of the multiple choice sections.

When the College Board first anounnced the redesigned SAT, they
mentionedthat the test would still contain pretest items (experimental
questions), but the implementation mechanics were unclear.

At the forum, we learned a bit more. Pretests items will be sefl-contained
in a 20-minute variable, or experimental, section at the end of of the scored
multiple choice protion of the test. According to the College Board, the
variable section will be included only on the “occasional” test date and will be
announcedahead of time. Furthermore, only those students not writing the
optional essay will be given variable section. Performance on this section will
not impact students’ scores.

No changes are planned for the Subject Tests.

The Subject Tests have been and continue to be forgotten children of the
College Board. Once again, they have announced that there are no upcoming
changes to the Subject Tests and no plans for revisions in the near future.



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